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    Risk, Recovery & Side Effects

    If you are suffering from any kind of vision related problem, starting from short sightedness, long sightedness, to astigmatism, then LASIK is going to be a great facilitation to heal your vision related problem. Moreover, this advanced treatment technique helps you to reduce or eliminate the usage of reading glasses of contact lenses, in long run. Several patients across the globe have been benefited with a clearer vision, without the hazardous usage of glasses, through the modern technique. Patients are kept under topical anesthesia, during this short span surgical process, which hardly takes 10 minutes of time to get completed. This is a painless process as well. If you are looking for real and unbiased information regarding this LASIK in Pune surgical procedure, then just pen down all your queries through email or call us. We are focused of facilitating every single LASIK treatment seekers and their respective family members with best set of information.

    Risk factor:

    • Permanent elimination of glasses is not guaranteed: In case of patients, above the age group of 40, may face the consequence, of not been able to get rid of the spectacles of reading glasses on a permanent basis. However, patients, below the age group of 40, can simply be guaranteed about the removal of glasses or delicate contact lenses, by availing this surgical technique. Older patients have reported to feel the need of glasses during the night time, as they keep of facing slight difficulties, without the same.
    • Concerns regarding corneal flap: The healing of cornea, may vary from one patient to another. There are cases, when the cornea, has not healed properly in a fast pace. There are patients, whose cornea gets recovered within just a month and in case of others, the same may take an extended period of time. Corneal ectasia dislocation can take place as a result of improper corneal healing and this may leads to dislocation of the corneal flap. However, with the arrival of modern technologies like, 100% Blade Free Femtosecond Lasik Surgery, the concerns related to corneal flap has totally been eliminated.

    Recovery and healing process:

    The general report for corneal recovery confirms the fast healing. Patients generally get surprised, seeing the great improvement of their eyesight and clearer vision, immediately, after the surgery. Most of the patients get back to the scheduled course of their lives within one to 2 days, while the others may take four to five days at the maximum level.

    Side effect:

    • Dryness of eyes: Dry eyes are a general side effect of this modern surgery. Patients have reported to face the problem of dryness in eyes, after the period of 6 months, post LASIK. This causes due to the effects of the surgical process on the general functioning of the nerve system of the eyes. This affects on the creation of natural tears and regular hydration process of the eyes.
    • Disturbance is Vision: Patients have also come up with problems like, seeing starbursts, halos, double vision, abnormalities in the vision etc. There are even cases of night blindness, post the operation. However, these side effects take place, due to over work load and heavy driving on a regular basis, post LASIK. However, along with the introduction of newer technologies, and improved laser techniques, these side effects as also got eliminated and patients have reported to avail created and précised vision. Added to that, consulting with the doctor, right on time also saves you from different diseases.


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