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    100% Blade Free Lasik Surgery

    Intralase Lasik Laser or Blade Free Lasik Laser is a highly precise, safe and reliable technique to create corneal flap. Using Blade Free Lasik Technology, Lasik Laser Eye Surgery is made better by replacing Mechanical Microkeratome Device’s Blade with a computer-guided laser that delivers micron-level accuracy. Bladeless laser technology to create thin corneal flap. 

    blade free lasik surgery in pune

    This is the first step before firing the Lasik Laser for correction of Refractive error. IntraLase Laser help Lasik Surgeon to create a corneal flap of exact diameter, depth, hinge location, centration, and overall architecture, making this technology more accurate and more precise than a hand-held blade.

    LASIK technology has evolved over a period of two decade from mechanical flap making technqiue to 100% Blade Free Lasik Technique., ensuring highest safety & best best ever outcome in vision correction process. Microkeratome is a device with handle, along with highly precise blade made of oscillating metal, used precisely cut the flap of cornea, yet has some possibility of complication. Patients usually have a misconception, and assume LASIK to be a blade free process, as they do not get to know the use of microkeratome, for corneal flap making.

    However, with passing days, the conventional LASIK method has improved to quite some extent. The conventional LASIK process has got evaluated to standard Lasik, Customized Lasik and even Advanced Aspheric Lasik, in last two decades. Inventions of SBK Lasik, iFS or Femtosecond Laser, especially for blade free laser have been created for complication free results. Patients can enjoy better corneal strength; through this process of Thin flap Lasik, as it leaves with thinner corneal flap and better scope of performing further LASIK. Reasonability of the treatment process is another advantage of the system.  Patients, who cannot spend a whole lot of money for thin flap Lasik, can conventionally switch to regular Lasik. The only difference between these two, remain in the thickness & quality of the flap, if in case, the corneal thickness of the patient is not adequate, then the doctors prescribe for thin flap.

    We are dedicated the prospective patients of LASIK laser, with the right set of information, so that; they end up choosing the best destination for blade free LASIK surgery in Jaipur. The experts of our team are focused on helping the patients and their respective family members; in selecting the most pocket friendly centers for high end blade free LASIK, with 100% accuracy. We can be assured to have scent percent right detailing about professional blade free Lasik with us.

    Through iLasik or better known as IntraLase, it eliminates or minimizes your post operative eye dryness and other complicated symptoms. Eye glare and halo issues, would never bother you anymore, once you are done with the modern iLasik, along with clearer vision.

    Avail totally Blade Free Lasik Surgery along with Advanced Aspheric Wavefront Customized Technology at just Rs 90,000 for both eyes, today!

    You can be a candidate for this if,

    Your general health state is good and the age meets the age limit. Besides that, you should have the followings details to opt for iLasik:

    • Your age is at least of 18 years of old or above
    • The general state of your health is good
    • You have the consistent vision related prescription for at least one year
    • You are not having any existing eye disease

    Advantages of iLASIK or Blade Free Lasik or IntraLase: 

    • High quality vision
    • Higher Safety
    • Higher corneal strength
    • Very few retreatment
    • Lasik Vision Correction with thinner cornea
    • Less dry eye symptoms
    • Best eye predictability and precision
    • Thinner, stronger and accurate flaps

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