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    ReLEx SMILE Eye Surgery

    ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Surgery in Pune

    A new type of refractive vision correction technique is there in the market known as ReLEx SMILE. ReLex Smile Eye Surgery is an alternative to Lasik but better approach than Lasik technique. It is works without creating a flap. The overall cost of higher to other lasik procedures. It only makes use of an incision (small size). Through incision, an experienced surgeon removes the refractive lenticule on ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Surgery. In the process, it leaves the cornea intact’s anterior lamellae. Excimer is not required in ReLEx technology for the correction of vision. Small incision lenticule extraction ReLEx or SMILE is a laser correction method of new generation, which makes use of a femto second laser. This technology is available only on Visumax machine currently, by Carl Zeiss.

    ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Surgery Technique is most innovative approach for vision correction which is 100% blade free, flap free &  pain-free treatment. ReLEx SMILE procedure offers maximum safety, precision & comfort for vision correction and has taken vision correction to the next level.


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    Following are the few advantages of the Relex Smile Eye Surgery:


    • The procedure is flapless. It removes the shocking displacement of flap and concerns of dislodgement.
    • The choice of patients will have increased refraction values is enhanced.
    • The corneal nerves are preserved from the procedure through a small incision and that results in the low discomfort of the dry eye.
    • The procedure is less disturbing, there are very less chances of ingrowth of tissue or infections.
    • The healing of cornea is faster but it takes time to recover the visual as compare to lasik surgery.


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