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    Thin Flap Customized Lasik

    Customized Lasik is a great treatment initiative, adopted by the surgeons, in order to retain the actual aspheric curved shape of human cornea. This is latest addition to the LASIK surgery. In fact, this is considered to be a more improved method, compared to Standard Lasik Laser Eye Surgery and offer better quality of vision.

    LASIK technology, introduced by different companies is known to be a little different companies, such as Carl Ziess, Alcon Wavelight Laser, Basuch & Lomb, Nidek, Abbott Medical Optics (Advanced Medical Optics), may look minutely different in kind, but the core idea of treatment remains the same, in all the cases.

    Customized Aspheric Treatment Zone allows the patients with higher refractive numbers, to avail the considerable advantages of LASIK laser treatment. Surgeons focus on aborting all the indiscretions on the cornea surface, through this advanced treatment. Patients get to maintain the original shape of the cornea, which in a way help them to control the night vision symptoms. This technique is also reported to help in increasing contrast sensitivity.

    Patients with irregularity on the surface of cornea can opt for this surgery, especially when they require individual removal. Those, who are not having optically round eyes, instead of having regular corneal surface, can rely on Optimized Wavefront. This website brings in the lowest cost options for Aspheric Lasik Surgery, for the patients of Pune.

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